Allie Janoch

Allie Janoch

About Me
Since late 2013, I have been CTO of Mapistry. Mapistry is a platform for displaying, creating and analyzing spatial data taken from a number of sources. Unlike many traditional GIS tools, no training is needed to use Mapistry. We are the mapping tool for the entire workforce.

In 2012 and 2013, I worked on developing a new consumer product utilizing computer vision and machine learning algorithms for IQEngines. We developed an app to help people organize and search users photos by understanding what was in the actual pixels. Our app was able to stack similar photos, tag objects and scenes, and recognize faces. IQEngines was acquired by Yahoo in August 2013 and the technology we developed at IQE is making flickr search smarter.
Background / Education

I received my undergraduate degree in computer science from University of Maryland in 2009. I moved out to California in 2010 to pursue a PhD in computer science from UC Berkeley, but chose to leave the program early (with a Masters) in pursuit of more entrepreneurial goals.

I have been coding since I was 15 when I had the opportunity to take a high school class on Visual Basic and C++. I was encouraged to take the class by my father, who is also a software engineer. In fact, largely due to his influence, I have known since before I knew how to program that I was a going to be a computer scientist. At age 8 I asked my parents to get our first family computer (admittedly because I wanted to play KidPix). At age 12, I wrote in my 6th grade year book that my future career would be as a "software engineer."

Women in CS
Perhaps because I have known from such a young age what I wanted to do, I have not let the lack of female programmers deter me. Unfortunately, many women are not so lucky. Not everyone has a parent encouraging them to learn about programming. I am passionate about getting women and girls involved in computer science, and mentored a great group of girls in the Technovation Challenge in 2013. If you have a daughter in high school or are a female programmer looking for mentoring opportunities, I recommend you check out the program!

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